Premium Base Oils


Improves Oxidation Stability and Color

In 1984, Chevron introduced hydrofinishing technology that uses noble-metal catalysts rather than base-metal catalysts. ISOFINISHING is CLG’s proprietary hydrofinishing technology. CLG’s noble-metal catalysts provide higher activity at lower temperatures than base-metal catalysts to produce higher-quality base oils. The higher activity allows refiners to operate smaller reactors at lower pressures for improved economics. Because noble-metal catalysts can operate at a lower temperature relative to base-metal catalysts, the color of base oils from CLG’s all-hydroprocessing route is superior. When producing white oils, CLG’s ISOFINISHING® can be used as a stand-alone process.

The World is Moving to All-Hydroprocessing

In response to increased capacity of high-quality base oils, automotive OEMs are rewriting performance specifications. CLG’s all-hydroprocessing technology leads the way for meeting these new specifications, and is recognized worldwide for operational flexibility and superior product qualities.