Premium Base Oils


Convert Low VI to Higher VI Base Oils

CLG’s efficient ISOCRACKING® hydrocracking process boosts VI by chemically converting low VI components to higher VI base oils. Unlike older solvent refining processes that produce raffinate and a highly aromatic, low-value extract, the by-products of ISOCRACKING include valuable transportation fuels such as gasoline, jet and diesel.

For a given feedstock (typically VGO and/or DAO), the ISOCRACKING process creates higher VI components and preserves more molecules in the base oil boiling range than solvent refining. Consequently, only ISOCRACKlNG technology gives refiners the flexibility to produce higher base oil yield for a target VI or higher product VI when processing to an equivalent yield level. ISOCRACKlNG also allows the use of lower VI VGOs as base oil feedstocks, such as those derived from Iranian Heavy and Alaskan North Slope crudes. With ISOCRACKlNG, refiners can maximize both feedstock flexibility and product performance.