To become the leading supplier of advanced hydroprocessing technologies, CLG has continued Chevron’s investment of more than 50 years in the development of the best hydrocracking catalysts available to modern refiners. Together with Advanced Refining Technologies (ART), a joint venture between Chevron and Grace, CLG offers the most complete portfolio of hydroprocessing catalysts in industry.

CLG’s ISOCRACKING® catalysts are well-known for being stable, robust, and highly selective towards maximum value products. These multi-functional hydrocracking catalysts allow the recovery of catalyst volumes previously reserved for hydrotreating or demetallization. The high hydrotreating activity demonstrated by of our latest generation of ISOCRACKING catalysts enables hydrocracker operators to achieve their desired conversions at much lower catalyst temperatures. Furthermore, CLG can customize graded catalyst systems that provide the flexibility to accommodate different feeds and product slates while achieving exceptional operational life and performance.

The success of CLG’s Base Oil technologies can be largely attributed to the combination of ISOCRACKING, ISODEWAXING®, and ISOFINISHING® catalysts that we offer.

ISOCRACKING catalysts improve thermal stability and increase viscosity index, ISODEWAXING catalysts reduce pour point, and ISOFINISHING catalysts improve color and oxidation stability. With this suite of catalyst technologies, CLG designs produce high quality base oils that exceed industry standards.

Since 2013, CLG has given ART the exclusive right to produce and sell CLG’s ISOCRACKING, ISOFINISHING, and ISODEWAXING catalysts. CLG, in turn has been offering ART’s distillate and residuum hydrotreating catalysts as well as ART’s ebullating bed catalysts for our hydrotreating and ebullating bed designs. In 2016, we expanded our partnership with ART to include these catalysts to be exclusively provided for any new CLG hydrotreater, RDS, VRDS, UFR®, OCR®, LC-FINING, or LC-MAX® license.

We are very proud to be able to offer such a complete portfolio of commercially proven catalysts. Our on-going R&D efforts have recently produced the fifth generation of ISODEWAXING catalysts that show even higher activity, higher VI, and higher tolerance for nitrogen and other feed impurities. Also, our latest ISOCRACKING, RDS, UFR, and OCR catalysts are now demonstrating even higher activities in the removal of sulfur (HDS), nitrogen compounds (HDN), micro-carbon residues (HDMCR) and metals (HDM). CLG and ART are committed to develop and advance our catalyst technologies even further to ensure that our customers always meet their production objectives and maximize profits.

Lube Hydrocracking Catalyst Development

RDS Catalyst Generations: Delivering Continuous Performance Improvements 

CLG knows that catalysts are the heart of any hydroprocessing technology and hydroprocessing catalysts are our expertise.