Bottom of the Barrel Upgrading


Delayed Coking

CLG’s proprietary delayed coking technology is one of the most cost-effective routes for converting/upgrading heavy residual stocks to more valuable lighter distillate products and coke.

The current design is based on several decades of continual refinement and accumulated data from over 60 unit designs and commercial installations. CLG’s delayed coking technology embodies high reliability and flexibility while meeting today’s more rigorous environmental and safety requirements.

The delayed coking unit design features online computer control, fully enclosed automatic unheading, single- or double-fired heaters, state-of-the-art coke drum mechanical design, vertical plate coke drum technology, helical baffle exchanger in fouling services, and an innovative water management/coke recovery system. The process can handle a variety of feedstocks, such as petroleum derived resids, cracked materials (pyrolysis tar and cycle oils), and liquid feedstocks derived from coal.

The CLG design maximizes distillate yield while achieving the specification requirements of the downstream hydroprocessing units.