Clean Fuels

Clean Fuels

Refiners in today’s environment are faced with stiff challenges of producing high-quality transportation fuels as well as the requirement of a certain percentage of their fuels to be produced from renewable feed sources.

Chevron Lummus Global is well positioned to provide technology solutions to meet refiners’ clean fuels needs through its suite of technologies which include BIOFUELS ISOCONVERSION, ISOTERRA, ISOCRACKING and ISOTREATING technologies.

BIOFUELS ISOCONVERSION is a joint development effort between CLG and Applied Research Associates (ARA) to produce 100% drop-in fuels from waste feedstocks.

ISOTERRA is an all-hydroprocessing route for converting lipid-rich feedstocks to ASTM-approved renewable diesel or sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

ISOCRACKING and ISOTREATING technologies leverage decades of research and development and operating experience of Chevron and the engineering expertise of Lummus Technology.